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Time to Eat!

-Many parents have a hard time when it comes to mealtime. Either your child is a picky eater, with only about 10 things they will eat or you can’t seem to keep them at the table. Nutrition is the most important factor in a young child’s life and as parents we have to understand that we are in control of what type of foods we allow in our home. Here are a couple of my tips for making mealtime a little less stressful.

  • Do your grocery shopping without the kids (Yes, I know this can be extremely difficult to do)
  • Create your weekly dinner menu and have the kids help put it together (Use construction paper, magazine clippings, crayons and glue to create your weekly menu. A chalk board is another option and is easy to change every week)
  • Use plates which have bright colors and cool patterns
  • Have your children set the table (Using plastic, paper or melamine ensures your dishes won’t break if there is an accidental drop while setting the table)
  • Do no let them fill up on juice and other snacks before you serve dinner
  • Use fun place mats to keep them entertained while dinner is being made

Kids nutrition articles I love:

Kids Health : Family Meals

Kids Health : Kids and Food – 10 tips for parents

Center for Disease Control : BAM – Body and Mind for kids

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