Dream Dinners: dinner made simple

– Dream Dinners is dinner made simple. Yesterday was my first session and I prepared 12 meals for my family in about 1 hour. The way it works is you go online to www.DreamDinners.com and choose your meals. They offer a menu of about 20 new meal options per month. Once you have selected your meals, you choose the location, date and time to go in and prepare them. When you arrive at Dream Dinners they give you an apron and your menu cards. Then, you will find the stations which have your meals and begin to prepare. Each station has a list with all the ingredients you will need. All utensils and storage containers are all located at the station for easy preparation. Oh, and did I mention you don’t have to clean up the mess?  Once you have finished putting together a meal you will place all the ingredients in a large zip-lock bag or aluminum tray and then place in the refrigerator. Remember, the meals you are preparing here are frozen and meant to be put in the freezer when you get home and then you take them out as you need. When you are ready to cook at home you will use the instructions on the menu card. It all sounds a little confusing so make sure to go to their website and watch the video. It’s fun to get a group of friends together and all go at the same time. You can even bring your own wine while you prepare. Make sure not to drink too much and forget some ingredients! I hope you all will try this. It’s a great time saver for all of us busy moms!

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  • stephanie allen

    June 15, 2010 at 7:20 pm
    I am glad you had a wonderful Dream Dinners experience. It is the ultimate buy in bulk and save way to have a home cooked dinner and does cost less than buying the same ingredients at a grocery store. It is also very eco friendly, so much less packaging when you buy in bulk. We actually have children on our tasting panels; it is amazing to see what kids will really eat. We put kids in a box when we only feed them "white foods". Don’t miss our new Dream Rewards loyalty program. You can get more dinner ideas on my blog Take care. http://stephanieallen.wordpress.com/
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