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New Year, New kids room!

-My sister-in-law  is remodeling her kids bedrooms and I’ve been inspired to re-decorate my daughter’s room too. I had seen the Circo Bow Wow and Meow comforter set at Target but they only had it in twin size. Because of my daughter’s love for dogs and cats, I knew she would love it! Yesterday while I was at Target yet again I found the set for toddler beds. Now  is when the re-decorating process begins. If you are planning to re-decorate think of taking the simplified approach to your design. Although kids love their toys, try to eliminate some of their older toys which they don’t play with anymore. Have a garage sale or donate the old toys to someone who may be less fortunate. Designate a reading/homework area to allow your children to embrace learning as something fun. Frame some of their best art work and put it in their room up for display. Keep the room fun and have your children help you with the design process. They are the one’s who are going to be using the space after all! Good luck 🙂

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