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– Our vacation didn’t end as we exited the Disney cruise. Since the cruise disembarks from Port Canaveral we decided to make a stop at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando. It was about a 40 minute drive away and my daughter loves Dora & the Nickelodeon characters. We heard many mixed reviews on the hotel but wanted to give it chance and experience it for ourselves. The rooms were great! We got a 2-bedroom suite with 2 twin beds in the kids room and it was decorated with a Fairly Odd Parents wall mural.  Some of the reviews had mentioned that the hotel was very noisy and the room walls were paper thin. In my opinion, the noise level was fine and if you are going to a kids hotel, I think you would expect it to be a bit noisier than any other hotel.

As far as activities, there were many! Since we were only staying for 2 nights, we decided to stay at the hotel and not go to any parks. This worked out well because we were able to take advantage of all the hotel had to offer. My daughter got a manicure and airbrush tattoo. There was an additional charge for these services but they do offer to re-do the tattoo free of charge during the length of your stay (one touch up per day). We also spent most of the day in the pool and on the water slides. The water slides vary from small to large and the pool has a shallow area for younger kids. Life jackets were available for all guests at no charge. Overall we had a great time. I would say that they need to do maintenance in the pool area. I noticed some areas which were in need of repair.

The character breakfast and the character photo opportunities were my favorite part of visiting the Nickelodeon Hotel. It was my husband, daughter and sister-in-law’s birthday so they all received a complimentary birthday cupcake at the character breakfast. All of the characters came around to each table and took a picture with the kids (and parents if they wanted to!) The breakfast was buffet style and was quite delicious.

If anyone has been to the Nickelodeon Hotel recently I would love to hear how your experience was. You can  comment below.

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