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Puppy Love

– We have a new addition to our family! Her name is Honey and she’s a Golden Retriever. My sister-in-law had 9 puppies and we just had to take one. Now, we already have two other dogs, an outside cat and two fish tanks inside. Is it obvious that we love animals? My daughter has also taken on our love for animals and is so excited when she comes home to see them all. I believe it is good for children  to grow up with animals around them. They learn to love and take care of them. As well as having fond memories of the family dog growing up. Children also learn how to be responsible by taking care of simple daily tasks like feeding and walking the pets. In our house my daughter is the official caretaker of the pets. She lets the dogs in and out of their cage and let’s them out to the backyard to play. She also enjoys taking the dogs to the dog parks around Miami. Check out some of my older posts on the dog parks and dog related ideas.



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