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A moms best friend

– Every mom who owns an iPhone knows that it is key to keeping your life in order. Essentially it is a calendar, schedule, address book, DVD player, radio, game player and so much more! With the iPhone you have access to the internet and emails at all times. Now days many phones offer these features too, but there is just something about the iPhone which makes it the best in its class. One of my favorite things is the ability to be on a phone call and also use the other features on the phone. There have been many times when I’ve been on hold with the doctors office and searching on babycenter.com to see what I can do to make my daughter feel better. There are about 50,000 apps which are both for entertainment and everyday life. When I first got my first iPhone 3 years ago , I instantly knew I could not live without it. As a baby , my daughter started to use it as well. There was a time that she thought all phones & cameras were touch screen. For more information on all the amazing apps that are available for kids and parents check out The iPhone Mom blog .

With that said, I feel extremely lost without my iPhone. I recently left it in the ladies restroom of a popular kid-friendly indoor play/restaurant. I placed it on top of the diaper change station as I changed my 2 month old son’s diaper then walked out and forgot it. When I went back to get it about 15 -20 minutes later it was gone. I searched everywhere, called it and they even announced it with a microphone. Not only was my new iPhone 4 ( which I had just got for Valentine’s Day) gone but all of my personal information was in the hands of a stranger. I felt violated… my daughter’s school address and phone number , emails and contacts are all on the phone. To think that a mother had the audacity to steal from another mother just makes me sick. A word  of advice to every mother with an iPhone is to keep a password on your phone ( even thought it’s annoying) and get the MobileMe app . I wish I would have known about this 3 weeks ago!

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