Cool De Sac: Dolphin Mall – Grand Opening!

-Yesterday was the grand opening party at Cool De Sac: Dolphin Mall. The new store has the same feel of the Sunset store but has more space and a couple of great new additions. The dining area is also larger and offers a few new options on the menu. Well, where should I start? The toddler area is towards the back and is more secluded. I like this because sometimes the little ones who are just learning to walk get mixed up with the bigger kids running around.  Don’t worry parents there are a couple of tables right by the toddler area for you. And for the bigger kids there is a new gaming section with dance, guitar and video games. Large glass walls enclose the play unit. The glass walls are a great idea because it keeps out most of the screaming the kids do while chasing their friends up and down the slide. The make-up area has these fabulous kid sized clear acrylic ghost chairs. I’m in love with them and have to have them! The arts & crafts area seems to be just like the other one. Although, the Dolphin Mall store uses stick glue rather than glue in the bottle. Which is a great thing because I’ve left many of times with my daughters creation of a paper full of glue. Overall I love the new Cool De Sac and cannot wait to go back!

Did any of you go to the grand opening party? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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